Monday was Pi day (March 14=3/14=3.14=Pi). Being a math nerd on top of a book nerd, I had to wear my Super Pi shirt to celebrate.


Back at the beginning of the school year the school board approved allocating up to $13,000 for library upgrades. I wanted to let them know that I appreciated the money and to let them know what I had used it for so I asked to be put on the agenda for the next board meeting. I used my advocacy presentation that I had done for LME 512. I began by discussing the study that shows the impact that school libraries have on student achievement. I think this got their attention.

board meeting2

I explained what collaboration I had done and what standards were covered. I used one of my student examples from the 8th grade presentation where they had too invent a product that could help some aspect of the school and create an advertisement for it. It just so happened that one of the students from that group was going to be at the board meeting to be recognized for winning the regional spelling bee and would be heading to Washington, D.C.! I had him introduce his video. This young man also created an external website to go along with his invention.

board meeting1

At the end of my presentation one of the board members asked what was at the top of my wish list. I said new furniture for the high school library. Hopefully this has opened the door for more improvements.

Report cards for the 3rd grading period went out this week. I sent out overdue notices to students asking them to return or renew their books or their report card would be held. I decided at the beginning of the year not to charge fines for overdue books as long as they didn’t abuse this by keeping books forever. This system seems to work so far. Most students came in by the end of the week to take care of their books.

I spent every bit of free time scanning books in the non-fiction section. When I left Friday I had about 40 book left to scan and the non-fiction books will be done! I will still have to process out the weeded books. I don’t think I had a single shelf that didn’t have at least one book that was not in the system properly. I hope by doing all of this work now I will save myself time and frustration in the future.

I found a few more gems while weeding.



I don’t think these have been checked out in a while.

This area still needs more weeding, but this is a start.

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