We had our Buy One, Get One Free book fair this week. We were so busy I forgot to get any pictures! Last year, the spring book fair grossed around $2400 and the year before was around $2900. The previous librarian held them as half price fairs (even though Scholastic had changed it to BOGO). I was worried that I would not get as many people in by doing it this way but I set my goal at $3000. We more than doubled last year’s total! We had kids coming in with $1.00 and leaving with 2 or 4 little things. Several people threw their extra change in our penny bucket so when a kid was a few cents short, we were able to get it out of there. We also stayed open from 7:30- 3 so teachers and students could come in at any time. I think all of this helped. I will do some things differently. I allowed the classes to come in as a group to preview the items for sale and discovered some of the packaged books were missing the little trinket that was bundled with it. I don’t know for a fact that one of our students took them or if they were sent that way (most likely the former), but I will not be allowing that many kids in at one time and we’ll be putting the bundled items closer to the checkout from now on.  I am glad that such a small, rural community is willing to support things like the book fair.
Friday around 12 we closed up and my 3 helpers had everything packed up as I was getting the financials in order. So thankful for my helpers!

In other news, as I mentioned last week I mailed my portfolios off and tracked the package as it traveled to Memphis, then Nashville, then Bowling Green, then stayed at the Bowling Green post office. I started to get concerned when on Wednesday it was still there so I called the post office to check on it. The gentleman told me it had not been scanned out but had been delivered. I emailed my advisor just to make sure and thankfully, it really had been delivered. Way to give someone an anxiety attack, post office! Less than an month away until graduation!

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