So far this week (and it’s only Tuesday!) I have weeded and checked 2 bookcases of non fiction books. Well, I haven’t weeded them from my catalogue yet, but I have pulled them off the shelves. Why is weeding so hard? Some of these books are well over 3o years old, but look almost brand new. And, being non-fiction, the information is still relevant, right? So I’m stuck between “these books are not being utilized” and “but they might be useful for research.” So I am not really sure what to do.

Cat in the hat!

I had quite the surprise today. My director of schools asked me to step into my office to talk to me about something from earlier. It was all a ploy, though, because when we came out of the office, there stood my parents, my son, the elementary principal and a 6.5 foot tall Cat in the Hat!

cat in hat


My mom made this for the elementary library,  somehow managed to keep it hidden from me, and wanted to make sure it was delivered before our Read Across America celebration next week. It is a little startling because it’s so tall, but the kids have warmed up to it so far. I gave the kindergarteners and pre-K kids a heads up before they came in and gave them the chance to feel its belly and hug it if they wanted so that they could see it was stuffed and not a person. It’s going to be a permanent fixture in the library now.

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