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I was a classroom teacher for 19 years. When our school librarian retired this summer, I became the librarian for both the k-5 and the 6-12 libraries at my small k-12 school. I taught 2nd grade one year, 5th grade for eight years, 7th & 8th grades and 9th & 10th grade algebra. The majority of the last 10 years have been in 7th grade. I am a self professed nerd and book lover. Even as a math teacher, I had over 2,300 books in my classroom library and love recommending and talking books with kids. At my school I am on the Teacher Advisory council, on the School Leadership committee, a PLC leader and one of the Promethean troubleshooters.

I love Doctor Who and Sherlock and I am quite obsessed with the Harry Potter series. I got on the Potter bandwagon about the time the 4th book came out. I had just finished the third one and had to borrow a copy of Goblet of Fire from one of my fifth grade students. I love Harry so much that my son’s first birthday had a little HP influence.

I currently live in a tiny town in Tennessee you’ve never heard of with my husband, one year old son, and two cats. 2014 was a big year for me. I celebrated the birth of my first child, my 20th wedding anniversary and my 40th birthday! Oliver was quite a surprise to everyone (including his parents), and brings so much joy to everyone he meets.

I love to travel and visited Dublin, London, and Paris this summer. The highlight of my trip was touring the Warner Bros studios in London (where Harry Potter was filmed)!

I love young adult novels and want to believe in magic, elves, and fairies.

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