Values collaboration. Actively seeks out and incorporates ideas of others. Takes leadership in working with others to improve the overall environment. Regularly share information and ideas.

Before beginning the library media program, I didn’t think much about collaboration in the library. For one, I was a math teacher. Secondly, the lms at my school did not reach out to teachers to collaborate. As a result of this program and the fact that I am already working in an lms position, I see the benefits of collaboration. Studies have proven that collaboration with the library media specialist contributes to higher test scores. Students learn literacy and technology skills. Besides, I am a teacher and need to have this sort of interaction with students and not just be the guardian of the book collection. I enjoy introducing students to new tools and seeing what they can create from them. I have reached out to three teachers this year for collaboration and all three were very receptive considering that their precious class time is being used. They were all pleased with the final products that the students produced and felt that the collaboration was a good use of time. I hope to work with the 6th grade before the school year is over and plan to do even more next year.



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