The appearance of the Cat in the hat in the elementary library caused quite the excitement when each class came in last week. I had to give the speech about how it’s just a statue and that he feels like a stuffed animal. I also let the students feel of it. Some were a little afraid (even some of the big kids), but they warmed up to him after a while. I even found a few kids each day wanted to read their book next to him.

cat & student


As I was going through the nonfiction section last week, I stumbled across a little gem. I flipped to the back of a book to see how often it had been checked out. As you can see, not very often, and some of the dates are from the 40s.

due date

I flipped to the front to check the copyright date and discovered it was signed by the author in 1939! It is the 1934 edition of General James Robertson:Father of Tennessee

author signed

On the one hand, it’s so awesome that we have a signed copy of a book from the 1930s.

But on the other hand, we had a book from the 1930s still on the shelves. We actually have several (not signed by the authors though).

I am going to keep this book and create a section in the library for local and interesting history. There are several that I think would fit nicely in there.

I have spent every bit of free time going through the shelves, updating the catalog, and weeding. I don’t know what happened, but there are so many books that have a barcode but were not in the system or were listed as something else. I am not sure if it happened when we went to the automated system or if it was the result of inattention. I finished all of the biography section Friday.

My goal is to finish checking every book in the high school library before the end of the school year so that inventory will go quickly. Inventory, to my knowledge, has never been done, so that is also going to be a long process of removing books in the system, etc.

Oh, the life of a new librarian! 😀

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