It was a rainy week here in West Tennessee. We got so much rain in a short amount of time on Thursday that they decided to close schools about the time the students were arriving. Some of the busses were already having trouble picking kids up. They sent the car drivers back home and stopped parents from dropping off. The kids who rode the bus to school had to wait until closer to 9 to be taken back home. I had bus duty that morning. Needless to say, it was a little chaotic! We were also out on Friday. That brings our total of days missed this year to 5.

On Wednesday, I uncovered what I called a “covert cheating operation” among some of the middle school students. A class of 7th graders came into the high school library while only my assistant was in there and overwhelmed her taking AR tests on our 6 computers. I happened to come in at some point and realized a student was too close to another while he was taking a test and discovered that she had given him some answers. When I pulled the records for all the kids that took tests that day, I noticed that many of them took, and made the same grade on, several of the exact same tests and that other kids were giving answers and “helping” out. I know that many people don’t like AR for many reasons. However, this is what we use at my school at this point, and it mostly is for the ease of use. It has been so frustrating dealing with this cheating situation.

In weeding news, I have been hard at work this week still scanning every book and weeding as I go and am still finding books that are not in the system correctly (or at all). Some of these books came pre-barcoded and I believe they were simply left out. This, however, is no excuse. If inventory had been done, these would have been caught.

And I am still finding things like this. Why did we need three copies of this book?

step families

I did find a book that I checked out my senior year of high school….in 1992. I do not recall this book or why I would have checked it out. I bet it was for an assignment.


I was the last one to borrow this book. It got added to the weed pile.

I am making good progress in the high school library. I hope once I move to the fiction section things will move more quickly.

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